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  • The Worlds First Cryptocurrency Accessible Without the Internet
  • Ready services that can use blockchain technology to provide real benefits today.
  • Service a new market of billions of people who the first time can enjoy a blockchain technology.


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mCoin is Supported by a Global Ecosystem

ONEm Communications Global Platform

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Introduction - Internet without the Internet

The ONEm Ecosystem and Framework - mCoin Blockchain Technology

ONEm developed and deployed a revolutionary mobile platform. This platform allowed mobiles without the internet to enjoy internet-like services. We developed many applications that solved every day problems facing individuals and businesses. The applications could run on any mobile creating a new market with billions of people.
Blockchain technology presented new time and money saving solutions. We integrated this technology on our platform to work with our existing applications. mCoin became the first cryptocurrency to work with and without the internet

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mCoin in the Cryptocurrency Revolution

Ready Applications - mCoin in Services for People - Unbanked

ONEm let's people socialize in an internet-like way on ordinary non-internet mobiles. ONEm's group voice and messaging bridges the digital device connecting the unconnected to the internet.There are many ready services where people can gain access to internet-like content and services. These services cover information, education, recreation, commercial and financial.
Using ONEm's Virtual Wallet users can send and receive mCoins. Users can pay and earn mCoins for content and services within the ONEm ecosystem. Users create transaction histories that provide a foundation for creditworthiness.

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Preview of ONEm's Virtual Wallet

Financial Inclusion - mCoin in Services for Businesses

Hundreds of millions of micro and small businesses don't have access to basic information and customer handling tools. ONEm provides tools that let any size of business engage with their customers. The same customers can interact with these businesses.
All of this can take place without the need of the internet. ONEm applications like Market Place, mCatalogue and Postboard are integrated with mCoin's Virtual Wallet. All of these applications connect with consumers who can interact over the ONEm ecosystem via messaging, voice calls and mCoin transactions.

What makes mCoin Unique

mCoin is the first digital currency that works both with and without the internet The market for mCoin includes the 3 billion people who have a mobile but no internet. ONEm has ready applications to use mCoin for transactions.

Reaches Everyone

mCoin works with or without the internet giving access to blockchain technology to 5.8 billion mobiles. There are 3 billion people on mobile but without internet.

High Security

Since mCoin is accessible by mobile offline the user enjoys an extra layer of security against unauthorized access via mobile authentication


Pseudo-mining is a kind of proof-of-work. Anybody can earn mCoins in ONEm ecosystem through sponsored activities beneficial to their society.

Virtual Wallet - SMS/Hybrid

ONEm provides a virtual wallet. Users without the internet can use any ordinary mobile to store, send and receive mCoins.

Ready Existing Applications

mCoin works with existing ONEm social and business applications. Examples are Sweb, Market Place and mCatalogue.

Transactions & Trading

All digital currencies need the internet for transactions and trading. mCoin is the most flexible working both online and offline.

mCoin Journey and Road map

mCoin's Journey Starts from a ready Platform and Ecosystem
Complimenting existing services on a revolutionary platform
Billions of people can use mCoin without the internet.

  • ONEm Established


  • Management Team Building
  • Technical Team Building
  • Research & Platform Development
  • Active Associate Member of GSMA


  • Built Scalable Platform
  • Entrepreneur Magazine Tech Award
  • Global Telecom Events - Standards
  • Strategic Partners (Reuters, Wiki...)


  • Launched ILS (Internet Like Services)
  • Connect Amazon Echo, Microsoft...
  • Developed First m2m without Internet
  • Connected Operators (238m User Base)


  • Launched Advanced Voice Services
  • First Hybrid APP SMS/Data
  • Launched Sweb for Business
  • Connected Amazon Echo to GSM

Jun 2017

  • Developed Hybrid Social APP
  • Launched Hybrid Group Video Call
  • Developed mCoin Cryptocurrency 

Dec 2017

  • Introducing mCoin as part of The ONEm Ecosystem


  • mCoin Pre-ICO Launch

Feb 2018

  • mCoin ICO Launch
  • Launch mCoin Virtual Wallet (WBF)
  • World Blockchain Forum Sponsor
  • ONEm Wallet IOS & Android

Arp 2018

  • mCoin Virtual Wallet Available
  • mPoints upgraded with mCoin
  • mCatalogue upgraded with mCoin

May 2018

  • Start listing in Exchanges
  • Launch of mCatalogue

Jul 2018

  • Start Gold Rush Pseudo-mining
  • Select Country Program Release

Q3 2018

  • Deploy Full Pseudo-Mining
  • Listing in Major Exchanges
  • Deploy mCoin Market Place

Q4 2018

  • Start mCoin Regular Mining
  • Start mCoin Commercial Use
  • Create mCoin Sweb APPS
  • mHire, mTaxi, mBid, mBook

Q1 2019

  • Launch Banking Tools
  • Launch mCoin Exchange (no internet)
  • Expand mCoin in New Markets

Q2 2019

  • Deploy mCoin Banking Integration Tools
  • Partner with Major Banks
  • Establish Online Credit for micro-loans

Q4 2019

  • Hybrid APP Store
  • ONEm Hybrid mCoin Exchange
  • Hybrid Digital Assistant
  • IPO ONEm Communications


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Leadership Team

The ONEm mCoin team consists of experienced and working professionalsEach member has a passion for global social and business communications

Christopher Richardson

Christopher Richardson

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Hatim Ibrahim

Hatim Ibrahim

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
Myhoa Tien

Myhoa Tien

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder
Chris Horn

Chris Horn

Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Richardson

Kelly Hui

Chief Marketing Officer
Christopher Richardson

Philip Thompson

Business Development Manager
Christopher Richardson

Alvaro Bilbao

Product R&D Manager
Christopher Richardson


To be Announced
Christopher Richardson


To be Announced

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Media & Announcements

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Staff Writer February 20, 2018
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MCN ICO: ONEm’s Unconnected Mobile Cryptocurrency

While it is obvious for us to see that the internet has completely revolutionized the way many industries work within the world today. There are still many people across...

Bitcoin Exchange Guide March 2018
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mCoin ICO Launched at The World Block Chain Forum

The mCoin Founders were at The World Blockchain Forum in Dubai on April 16th and 17th to kick of the ICO. Christopher Richardson CEO, gave a keynote on mcoin revolutionar...

mCoin Team April 18, 2018

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mCoin is gaining interest from around the world.
Many people around the world expressed a passion for what mCoin stands for.
Here are a few examples of the media releases and reaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about mCoin we are frequently asked about

mCoin can be accessed without the internet while other cryptocurrencies require an internet connection.

There are 30 billion mCoins released over a period of 43 years.

Pseudo-mining is a process where users can earn mCoin through sponsored activities. These activities are accesible over the ONEm Ecosystem.

A virtual wallet is a wallet that is accessed by SMS over the ONEm Ecosystem.

They will be available for internet browsers and the iPhone and Android.

mCoins will be on exchanges in July after which they can be traded.

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